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At last, I have the definition. One of our elected officials described
herself as a HOT MESS. Well ever since she posted it on her Facebook page
all dolled up and ready to go,I've been trying to figure out what a hot
mess is and you'll never guess where I got my definition from. Would you
believe the pulpit of one of the biggest churches in Atlanta. Yep you heard
it right, guess what we got one right here in Barrow.

Posted by: Be patient and you will receive your answers Date: 05/29/2019

Is it

The CHAIRLADY????????

Posted by: Joey Date: 05/29/2019


FB Troll or Frienemy?

Posted by: Just Asking Date: 05/31/2019


A copy was sent to me about what this hot mess was talking about. Found it
quite interesting seeing that she was quite adamant with her statements.

You don't have to Snoop with some people or to even do anything but sit
back and listen. This woman loves to run her mouth trying to say some very
inappropriate things about a lot of things.

Posted by: ears open Date: 06/01/2019


No we are not talking about the Chairman.

Posted by: Answer Date: 06/01/2019

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