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At last, I have the definition. One of our elected officials described
herself as a HOT MESS. Well ever since she posted it on her Facebook page
all dolled up and ready to go,I've been trying to figure out what a hot
mess is and you'll never guess where I got my definition from. Would you
believe the pulpit of one of the biggest churches in Atlanta. Yep you heard
it right, guess what we got one right here in Barrow.

Posted by: Be patient and you will receive your answers Date: 05/29/2019

You're getting bad info

I am sorry, but you have been greatly misinformed. Just this week, UGA
awarded the Director's Cup to WBHS. This award recognizes the high school
whose students have earned the highest cumulative GPA at the completion of
their first year of college. WBHS' freshman class achieved a 3.804 first
year cumulative gpa - higher than any other high school. For the seventh
year in a row, Barrow County Schools are above the state average with a
graduation rate for 2019 at 87.6%. So many great things are happening in
Barrow County Schools.

Posted by: WBHS parent Date: 10/04/2019


What is the UGA Director's Cup?
I canít find this stat on the internet or show where UGA tracks first year
college freshmanís GPAs.
WBHS ranks 221 out of 395. Thatís about 45%
Please clarify.

Posted by: D T Date: 10/04/2019

BOE work session

Lynn Stevens,Stephanie Bramlett and Beverly Kelley supported a pay increase
for school board members from $50 to 500 dollars a month and 50 dollars per
diem for travel days for training and conferences.

It was discussed at the work session and board members Garey Huff and
Rickey Bailey objected to the increase.
Lynn Stevens suggested a motion to defer the item for further discussion
and that was done.
School taxes are killing us, what happened to its an honor to serve?

Posted by: FYI Date: 10/07/2019

BOE Taxes

Doctor McMichael presented the state of education on October 1st and
mentioned the 18.5 millage rate being the same since 2006. But look at
where we are now based on City Data;
Homes built 2014 or later: 671, Homes built 2000-2009: 10,409.
Home prices in 2006 $92k (ave.), Home prices 2017 $133,5k (ave.).
Population; year 2006- 63,172, year 2017-75,099.
The tax base is growing. Please donít out-spend our future and tax us
beyond our means.
Iíve got a bad feeling about why he mentioned this.

Posted by: Tom Joab Date: 10/11/2019

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