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Do we have a mask mandate in the county?

Posted by: Ollie Date: 08/29/2020


No. But the local Publix, Home Depot and Walmart do. Shouldn't a medical
"professional" do the right thing and do what we feel is correct? I really
get a FU feeling from some of our Fire/EMT folks. Not a DEM but hold
Fire/EMT to higher standard. Great folks, but a few have chips on

Posted by: Holden Date: 08/29/2020


Do what WE think is correct.WE know all the
Science that backs up the benefits of wearing a mask or not wearing a mask?
We speak with such authority.WE must be very learned in epidemiology and do
we have a degree?

Posted by: Ollie Date: 08/29/2020


Our family is more afraid of the government than any Coronavirus.

Posted by: The Miller's Date: 08/31/2020

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