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Could somebody tell me why the school board is so interested in District 3
seat election? Can't get a handle on why so much hullabaloo is taking
place. Makes you wonder if there's some underlying motive here that we
might be missing.

The plot thickens.

Posted by: Who Date: 02/27/2019

District 3

We have a saying in the military when something goes wrong you can bend
over and kiss your behind goodbye, just say it politely. Barrow get your
head out of the sand and get the real facts.

Your splost dollars are being manipulated by chairman Graham to the tune of
7 + million dollars the rest of the county will not receive one splost
penny until she has her 7 + million dollars for her pet project. Find it
hard to believe call one of the Cities Mayors, talk to City councilmen and
ask them how much money they have received? There's already been 5 +
million dollars collected ask them how much they've gotten, not one penny.
Do a little investigating for yourself.

Look at it hard before you make up your mind ask some questions, get
involved don't get robbed by people that are controlling your tax dollars.

Posted by: Enough already Date: 02/28/2019


It is a tier 3 project the rules are you can collect the whole amount of
that project before any other money is divided.

Posted by: Okay Date: 02/28/2019

Barrow county Ga.

The wannabes in Barrow need to clean up. First and foremost this county is
covered in trash and debris a little spiffing up would go a long way.
Second stay out of headlines Banning a citizen from Statham, constant
lawsuits over stupid statements and the list goes on and on.
Old wives tale " clean up around your own front door before you start on
someone else's door."
Take a little pride and a big black bag and pick up some trash and dispose
of it properly would be a great start.
And when developers and investors come from out of town to take a look
maybe they will see a reason to come and stay.
Just remember throwing trash out your car window is not proper disposal.


Posted by: Working for better Date: 02/28/2019

Every vote

How many times have we heard every vote counts?
Well there seems to be a new trend in Barrow.

When you cast your vote do you expect the outcome to be honored?

Victor Lord park expansion has turned into somewhat of a boondoggle.
There was a specific amount mentioned in the splost document. Barrow County
voters approved the splost which is a legal document. So when a select
group from the original splost committee decided rather than reduce some of
the amenities they would ask for additional funds to accommodate the
overruns. So an additional $500,000 to be spent on this project that the
citizens did not vote for nor was it in the legal document on the ballot.

When this matter came up in the fall of 2018 there was a motion made and
passed by the Barrow County Board of Commissioners to deny the extra
$500,000 that the citizens had not voted on. So the chair ladies of the BOC
and BOE got together picked a candidate that would and could override the
vote of the people.

Posted by: Sad but true Date: 03/01/2019

This is

A lot of info.
So is the answer to vote No on the splost?
We can't trust those elected officials.
You know they built that Amphitheater got no lid on it for our kids not to
get wet when they graduate. I remember asking about that and she told me
that they didn't give us enough money to build what we voted on so they
just built that. And how much money is it made the answer I reckon is none
cuz they keep asking for more for this and that.

Well I reckon I'll be voting no on them splost from now on cuz they ain't
doing us right so me and my family will be going to the polls to vote no
from now on. Y'all know that if you just stay home and don't vote at all
you ain't been counted you're being used.

Posted by: Spent out voter Date: 03/02/2019


We watch the board of commission meetings on the County website. We will
remember the chairman of the school board Lynn Stevens standing before the
board and asking them to vote for this extra $500,000 and then she said she
wanted 2 million dollars added to next year's budget for this project.
Well she must have a money tree in her backyard but we don't and I can't
see how some of these things are going to be worked out without it being a
drain on the taxpayers for a very long time.
We are still working and paying our taxes comfortably but I don't know how
we are going to handle all this expense after we're retired and on a fixed
income. There was a line item on my taxes to pay for the courthouse and
jail for the last splost that we had and it's still not complete.

February 27 2019 Barrow News Journal printed in the public notice section
of the paper the information on the esplost will be voted on in a
countywide election on March 19 2019 just a few days away.

Posted by: Ritchie Sinclair Date: 03/02/2019

Kick back

and have another beer. These Liberal Republicans hadn't got a clue. They
raise hell all day long about those Democrats haha can't see much
difference myself. One of our Representatives was quoted saying we've got
to find some creative ways to raise revenue. Oh well all the Democrats are
going to be socialist soon and all the Republicans going to be Democrats
and you and I can Kiss It Goodbye. Yeah they go along yelling In God We
Trust and we got to keep up with everybody else and I bet you ain't one of
them that can quote the Constitution or probably even read it get it right.
The government it's not supposed to take care of you. You're supposed to
take care of you and your family do you want all this stuff for your family
then get off your lazy ass and work for it and don't expect me and the rest
of the taxpayers to give it to you. Sorry I'm cross but I've had it.

Posted by: One for the road Date: 03/02/2019


Has spoken, lordy lordy
Got an opinion on everything.
To quote Old Gentleman long ago.

" me thinks she protest too much"
Thank you Mr. Shakespeare

Posted by: William Date: 03/03/2019

District 3

The Rec. SPLOST Committee got a candidate from the overspending BOE to
split the vote in the 3-3 tie. The amount voted on by the citizens of
Barrow County will soon be compromised by a BOE representative. I am sure
the BOE will continue to use the taxpayers money to their advantage as long
as YOU allow (see turf football fields). The school system gets 2/3 of
every dollar and wants more to spend on a run down russell middle school,
while the system falls farther and farther behind growth. (Also check CCRPI
results compared to neighboring school systems) The Rec. candidate can not
stay in budget. Checked the BOE reserves and then see what they borrow. The
Super has an agenda and he lost the majority of the BOE and elected Lynn
Stevens. Does she even support Barrow County? The Economic Development
Coordinator supports this candidate, check her Facebook. She is also on the
BOE???? The plot thickens...

Posted by: Vote NO Date: 03/04/2019


Chairman of the board of commission has a major problem and we as taxpayers
are financing it for her. Her addiction is if she doesn't win she files a
lawsuit, problem is we the taxpayers are paying for this lawsuit for her to
feed her addiction to power.

Posted by: Informed voter Date: 03/05/2019

Know her too well

I have known Pat Graham for a long time,, and the citizens of Barrow County
are up against a relentless opportunist. Graham will do anything to move
her agenda forward
regardless of who is in her way.

How do I know all these things about Pat Graham? She mowed me and many
others down like hay in the field. We have never recovered from her
vindictive actions.
So my warning to you is wake up Barrow County and block this person anyway
you can.

Posted by: Keep Barrow for the people Date: 03/05/2019


Looks like we might have dodged a bullet check my thermometer this morning
and it was 32 degrees just got back in and looks like everything is okay
hope we can be lucky tonight and keep our flowers and budding trees and

Posted by: Old farmer Date: 03/05/2019


Looks like we might have dodged a bullet checked my thermometer this
morning and it was 32 degrees just got back in and looks like everything is
okay hope we can be lucky tonight and keep our flowers and budding trees
and plants

Posted by: Old farmer Date: 03/05/2019

Old Farmer

You had good news but 2 times.
Good to hear from you. Missed your helpful hints.

Posted by: Reader Date: 03/06/2019

@Keep Barrow for the People and Informed Voter

Keep -- maybe your hay needed mowing
Not so Informed --- like she has the corner on filing lawsuits. Check the
lawsuit filing records of your dearly beloved good ole boys

Posted by: what a joke Date: 03/06/2019

Official know it all

Oh boy she's back.Let the rants begin.

Posted by: Sweet Date: 03/06/2019


Vote YES for ESPLOST!!!
Our kids are entitled to this.
Spend more on athletics

Posted by: AC Date: 03/07/2019

Vote no on E splost

How about let's work on education like preparing for life and graduating
from high school.
Public education has turned into a cash cow.

Ask yourself this question. How many young people go on to play sports in
college or in the pros? But every single one has to play the game of life.
It is up to us as parents and Educators to teach them that they are not
entitled to or deserve anything that they do not earn.
Team sports, Athletics, physical fitness are all important Assets in life
but being able to work learn and achieve is a sport that we all need to
excel in.
By the way just remember some of these children that deserve all this will
be able to pay for it themselves in tax dollars, remember if we don't
collect enough pennies then there's always the taxpayer to pick up the
slack, nothing is free, you're not entitled and you are responsible for the
bottom line.
Pennies from Heaven, they're from my pocket and yours and they add up fast,
economics 101.

Posted by: It's just a penny Date: 03/07/2019

Over and over

There is a poster that blogs and post over and over about the good old boys
and the boys on the left.

Sometimes we all forget that there is a personality behind each one of the
people that we criticize constantly.This particular person has an axe to
grind but unfortunately it got stuck and she's having difficulty removing

Posted by: Billy Bob Date: 03/07/2019


Heard a school board member trashing district 3 candidate vickery on WIMO
this morning! Did anybody hear that?

Posted by: Tom Maher Date: 03/07/2019

Oh dear

Not Ms.Bramblett,she's such a fine Christian lady. Although she is
supporting the other candidate isn't she.

Beware of she who cast the first stone.

Posted by: Strike one Date: 03/07/2019

Why do we need to use tax $$ for the football field

I had a little (well not so little) birdie tell me there is a trust to
cover the field, field house, etc at the high school. Said both HS each
have a trust.

So why are they using ESPLOST FUNDS?

Posted by: what a joke Date: 03/15/2019

Who you gonna call

Sheriff gets half of what he asked for to run his Department. Who are you
going to call in an emergency? The parks department director or 911 for
help with your emergency. Government's responsibility is to provide a safe
environment for her citizens, I don't think that includes pickleball and
splash pond.

Commissioner Billy Parker, made the motion to fund the Sheriff's Department
with a comment saying we had no problem finding $500,000 in the budget to
answer the call to the overruns of Victor Lord Park but we can't find
money's for the sheriff.

In case of an emergency I asked you again who are you going to call?

Posted by: Think about it Date: 03/15/2019

High school trust funds

First I have heard about this. Can you give us a little more info ?
We are talking about 2 million dollars from general fund for these fields.
Ask that little birdie about how much is in trust for those fields.
Can you get back soon?

Posted by: Need to know Date: 03/15/2019

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