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At last, I have the definition. One of our elected officials described
herself as a HOT MESS. Well ever since she posted it on her Facebook page
all dolled up and ready to go,I've been trying to figure out what a hot
mess is and you'll never guess where I got my definition from. Would you
believe the pulpit of one of the biggest churches in Atlanta. Yep you heard
it right, guess what we got one right here in Barrow.

Posted by: Be patient and you will receive your answers Date: 05/29/2019

Over 26%

All we hear is debt up to our eyeballs, but we are rich when it comes to
paying our County Manager. Oh you remember he's the guy that's always
looking for a job somewhere else and has very derogatory things to say
about ourCounty when he thinks nobody's listening. Mr.Renshaw was making as
of yesterday $120,000 and today July1 2019 he is getting over a 26%
increase plus his insurance is being paid at 100% for he and his wife.

Pretty high dollar window dressing, when everybody knows who's REALLY
running the county.

Posted by: FYI Date: 07/01/2019

Remember the song

a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down according to Mary Poppins.
Could we apply that to the huge raise that are County Manager just

well I guess it took a shovel full of money to make the medicine go down
for the county manager seeing he's been trying to go out the back door ever
since you got here oh, but I guess it's hard work trying to negotiate with
the chairman at your side.

None of this is a laughing manner, but what is the taxpayer to do. Look
back at Mister Renshaw's resume and you will see that he has very little if
any experience most of it he got here, well it was kind of like a boot camp
from hell but he took the job.

Who needs Amphitheater we can just watch the Commissioners at play spending
money like happy fools, harsh you say if the shoe fits lace it up.
Sending warm tax dollars, from your disappointed constituents.

Posted by: No Mary Poppin here Date: 07/02/2019

Not working

Berry,Parks and Hendrix could not deal with Danny Yearwood and they missed
not having Doug Garrison's leadership ????plan for county manager took
Well gentlemen with the CHAIRLADY we have at this time it is not working. I
don't think if we had the good Lord himself, he would be able to work with
Stop the madness, Untill she runs her course we are at a stalemate.

Posted by: Looking straight at it Date: 07/02/2019

County Manager

One thing you can say about our County Manager, carries himself well and a
very neat dresser and always polite if not Curt.

Posted by: D H Date: 07/04/2019

Outside looking in

Arbitration? It has been three long years of attorney bills. You ask the
question to any of the people that have been negotiating how much is this
costing us and they say with frowns on their faces a whole lot, you don't
want to know. Well if I hadn't wanted to know I wouldn't ask the question
seeing I am paying the bills.
Oh I also ask about the county managers large salary increase, and was told
that he was a good negotiator and knew all about the service delivery and
that it would be hard to find somebody to replace him,thought that's what county
managers do. Our County Commissioners are one excuse after the other. Makes you
think that they don't know what's going on.Well this hard working family is
bone-weary watching our tax dollars being spent on hard-headed politicians.

Posted by: Taxpayers lose and politicians and lawyers win Date: 07/17/2019

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