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EMS Action

So I read the local rag and have a question: if the EMS is so great in this
County, why are they so short handed? what are they thinking about
contracting it out? Hard to believe there is superior service happening
with both of these issues.

Posted by: Paramedic Date: 04/09/2019

Half, please do share....

If you have the plan, please share....

Guess the ole Winder boys had a point after all...

Weíre great, just kidding - letís contract it out to supplement our

Where is Ernie and his infinite wisdom?

Posted by: Barrowmedic, one of nine Date: 04/10/2019

Medic Headaches

Donít be salty Ernie, I am one of the nine working for the love of the game
as well. The struggle is real. My question is why we criticize our boys
downtown for thinking about outsourcing, then decide to do it ourselves?
Originality must not be our strong suit...
Any insight?

Posted by: Mediocre Date: 04/13/2019

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