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At last, I have the definition. One of our elected officials described
herself as a HOT MESS. Well ever since she posted it on her Facebook page
all dolled up and ready to go,I've been trying to figure out what a hot
mess is and you'll never guess where I got my definition from. Would you
believe the pulpit of one of the biggest churches in Atlanta. Yep you heard
it right, guess what we got one right here in Barrow.

Posted by: Be patient and you will receive your answers Date: 05/29/2019

Helps on the way

The board of commission is approving subdivision after subdivision, so
there will be lots of help with taxes.

Oh no I forgot these people are going to need Public Safety, and schools
for their children and that means lots of big fire trucks, patrol cars and
personnel to man them and we're talkin about lots of school teachers. I
reckon there won't be any help with taxes. Because cement slabs will
bring Needs & Wants not lots of taxes.

Posted by: Poor in my pocket. Date: 11/18/2019


With each new home comes a long list of needs. Responsibility of government
is to provide a safe environment for all of its citizens new and old. So
the last poster is correct just schools and Public Safety will be an
enormous price tag.

Hope we can find the balance that will keep us moving forward and a handle
on taxes.

Posted by: Hoping Date: 11/24/2019


Yet another arrest at WBHS. Two students arrested with possession of a gun
on campus.
Back in my time, Coach Dorsey would have tore me a new one.

Posted by: Guy Snodgrass Date: 11/25/2019

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