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Roger Wehunt

Job well done Mr Wehunt thank you for being a friend and a commissioner for
all these years.
The definition of a good man is that he works hard takes care of his
family. Well buddy you've worked hard and you've taken very good care of
your family and you've dedicated a lot of time effort and energy to Barrow
County. Thank you for your service thank you for your friendship now your
only job is to get strong enjoy that beautiful family of yours and all the
friendship you've made along life's way stay strong.

Posted by: Cross the creek Date: 11/16/2018


While we are home celebrating our holidays with family and friends there
are many people working today and every day to keep you and I safe. No
matter what our needs are day or night they are there.

So happy holidays to each and everyone of you that are sacrificing your
family celebrations to keep us safe and sound you are our first defense
against all possible problems.

Stay safe out there Godspeed thank you.

Posted by: A very grateful citizen Date: 11/22/2018

Park project

Victor Lord park project has turned into a power struggle. A committee,
handpicked by the chairman met11:26 2018 and once again came back with six
additional recommendations. The purpose of this action was nothing but to
put pressure on the board of commission to influence their vote.

Pat Graham and her Select Committee and a few others have decided that
their wants and desires are more important than what the taxpayers of
Barrow voted on for this project. The commission has already voted not to
spend one penny more than what the taxpayers voted on.

Posted by: Voter taxpayer Date: 11/27/2018

Real truth

What are you trying to say?
It sounds like voters voted for one thing and she's wants to override that?
The word on the street is the only reason this park ever came up as a
tier-two project was because she wanted control of all the Splost money and
Winder wouldn't let her have her away is that true?

Well from where I sit this chairman Pat Graham has come up with
privatization, $100,000 study onconsolidating the county, no ambulance for
Winder and now she wants to overrule the voters.
Enough already lady we were doing alright before you got here and I got a
clue for you we're be alright when you're gone if the Commissioners can
hold you in tow until then.

Posted by: Winder voter Date: 11/27/2018

Chairman Graham

All Ms. Graham is trying to do is to bring this backwards little place up
to speed.

Posted by: Making it better Date: 11/27/2018


We have a saying in the south.
"Why Bless your heart".
Is there a sign at the county line that reads help fix this backwards

You have gone out of your way to tell us how backwards we are and we know
very little about anything of importance. We have heard you loud and clear
now it's your turn to listen, the roads that brought you here are two way.
Have a nice trip you here and bless your heart.

Posted by: From here Date: 11/27/2018

County Manager

Poor poor County Manager hates it here but can't get a job anywhere else.
But don't despair he's announced that if he doesn't get the last job that
he applied for he's going to quit looking for a while.
Lucky us

Posted by: 2 a.m. Date: 11/27/2018

Words to live by

To the Barrow County Board of Commissioners

"If you do not control your situation your situation will control you"

The voters of this county

Posted by: Good government for all Date: 11/27/2018

county manager

the county manager has to go and take that poor excuse for a public works
director with him, I mean that guy is a disgrace

Posted by: conman Date: 12/01/2018

One way or another

Some information on Pat Graham, she will find a way to get her way no
matter what it takes. Privatization of Barrow County is still one of her
priorities. Not being able to get the votes to pass it sometime ago she has
been working in the back ground diligently to make this happen. Public
Works is where she is going to make her move toward privatization. First
was hiring a 76 year old Public Works director to fail but he fooled her he
worked hard and did a good job and died on the job.
Her second attempt has been the new Public Works director, he is
to keep his head above water and it is very obvious that she is using him
to reach her goal.

Our County Manager's responsibilities are to serve the entire commission
is controlled by chairman Graham. Not only did he hire the first Public
Works director to fail he has now hired another one to fail at her
Direction. The perfect scenario was set up.

To be continued

Posted by: Stay tuned Date: 12/03/2018

One way or the other continued

When the HR Director resigned the responsibilities of hiring fell on the
shoulders of the County manager. Public Works is setup to fail the chairman
doesn't have the votes yet but once again Fate plays a part in the politics
of Barrow County.
District 3 commissioner, was forced to resign due to health issues.
So once again she has selected a candidate that will Pander to her interest
not the interest of the citizens of Barrow County in a special election in
March. If her plan plays out that department will be privatized and the
rest of her agenda will be passed because she will have the votes.
We can't pay for what we have now and with her grandiose plans we
definitely can't pay for that.

Posted by: Stay tuned Date: 12/03/2018

Lighten up

We're only a hobby for her, she is just trying to be somebody somewhere.

Posted by: Merrell Date: 12/03/2018

quit hiring conmen

if someone tells you that they are "the best ever" and " I can do it all" ,
DON'T HIRE THEM!!! they are full of #%!@ and snowing you, their con men.
can run their mouth and have zero skills to do anything. poor commissioners
fall for it every time

Posted by: dummy Date: 12/03/2018

Con man

Right on brother
Ain't nobody can do it all
Them commissioner boys can do a little background checking all you got to
do is Google somebody
But they just keep on listening to that County Manager by the way he an't
got no job yet he says he's going to quit looking
That's a joke he's got a gravy train here all he's got to do is put up with
her that can't be to hard and his wife works here too they're knocking down
a lot of money off the backs of the taxpayers around here and he got the
gall to go out and look for another job put him on the street

Posted by: Affirmative Date: 12/03/2018

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