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Roger Wehunt

Job well done Mr Wehunt thank you for being a friend and a commissioner for
all these years.
The definition of a good man is that he works hard takes care of his
family. Well buddy you've worked hard and you've taken very good care of
your family and you've dedicated a lot of time effort and energy to Barrow
County. Thank you for your service thank you for your friendship now your
only job is to get strong enjoy that beautiful family of yours and all the
friendship you've made along life's way stay strong.

Posted by: Cross the creek Date: 11/16/2018

Huge Stink

There is something really smelly in the old train station and the Sheriff
and DA know it!

Posted by: Jimbo Date: 01/05/2019

Smith boys

If the Smith boys know about it oh and you, please let us in on the smell.

Posted by: Billy Bob Date: 01/06/2019

More Over

Why is the chamber paying volunteer Chairman a salary? Why are members not
renewing dues? Is the Chamber solvent?

Posted by: Jimbo Date: 01/07/2019


Always remember if there's a dollar on the table somebody somewhere is
going to figure out how to put it in their pocket.

I reckon it's no different in the Chamber of Commerce. Right sorry to hear

Posted by: Billy Bob Date: 01/10/2019

Food for thought

"We've been conditioned to think that only politicians can solve our
But at some point, maybe we will wake up and recognize that it was
politicians who created our problems "

Dr. Ben Carson

Posted by: Truth Date: 01/10/2019

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