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At last, I have the definition. One of our elected officials described
herself as a HOT MESS. Well ever since she posted it on her Facebook page
all dolled up and ready to go,I've been trying to figure out what a hot
mess is and you'll never guess where I got my definition from. Would you
believe the pulpit of one of the biggest churches in Atlanta. Yep you heard
it right, guess what we got one right here in Barrow.

Posted by: Be patient and you will receive your answers Date: 05/29/2019


The Harvest is great, but the workers are few.

When much is given, much is expected.

When are you going to get involved?

Posted by: Old farmer Date: 08/28/2019

Park 53

Why don't we just make an overflow parking lot for The Venue.
Spending $400,000 to grade land that nobody wants to buy is a waste of
taxpayer dollars. No matter where the money comes from.

Posted by: Just saying Date: 08/28/2019

West Winder bypass

County officials are worried about the 211 bottleneck where the West Winder
bypass stop. Well what about where it starts. Think about this citizens it
goes from 316 two lanes then 4 Lanes over the hill and through the Dales
and Ziggy zaggy back and forth then up the hill on 211 and squeeze again.
What does that remind you of a sausage squeezed off at both ends.

Posted by: T ammy Step Date: 08/30/2019


While we're on the subject of Highway 211, let's talk bottleneck. 86.8
Acres for a Master Planned Development, right at the very spot that the
West Winder bypass goes from 4 lanes to two, this proposed development of
240_250 single-family detached homes is being brought before the planning
board for their approval.

A minimum of two cars per unit will make our proposed truck route, a bigger
joke than it already was.

Posted by: Watching barrow grow Date: 08/30/2019


The service delivery nightmare continues.
More lawsuits and arbitration means more lawyers and lawyers don't work for

So taxpayers get your checkbooks out because guess what we get to pay for
the Big Show.

Posted by: Picking up the tab Date: 09/04/2019


Is in our future.BOC is setting the stage for the t-splost. Set up a little
committee make up your list and bingo we have 8% sales tax in Barrow.
Read the Barrow Journal and see it for yourself.
Remember there's no mistakes in politics just uninformed voters

Posted by: Empty pockets Date: 09/05/2019


Barrow always wanted to be Gwinnett and Metro Atl. Now they have it per the
report of a fight at WBHS which sent a person to the the hospital. Oh
wait...we have new turf fields!!!That makes everything better!!

Posted by: Date: 09/09/2019

School Board

Quiet on the homefront. So many mistakes on this school fight that you
don't have enough fingers on both hands to count them.
And the school board's laying in the water like an ol alligator. Where is
their social media now when there's really something important to talk
about not just what's going on in one's personal life. A sad lot they are
where is resource protocol and the questions keep on popping up

Posted by: To much Date: 09/09/2019

Thank you B.O.E.

For clarifying your side of what happened at Winder Barrow High School.

Posted by: Parent Date: 09/10/2019


Fight was on social media the day after super gets a pay raise to a cool
200,000. No principal in the building, but got turf fields. House of smoke
and mirrors, thanks BOE

Posted by: Jake Date: 09/11/2019


The BOE is stacked with mindless academia. PHD’s in every corner of the
administration with no clue how to deal with the getto environment and what
it takes to be a useful citizen in today’s society. All they want is more
buildings, turf fields and useless buildings that do nothing to prepare our
youth for the real world. “Pay your 75% property tax and shut up”. Let’s
take it back.

Posted by: Galt Date: 09/12/2019


Hey Jake, about no principal in the school is that because they sent their
scallywag principal to the administration office? He's had problems before,
Scandal all over town, so I guess it was time to promote him and give him a
raise. Lord knows you wouldn't want to fire the boy.

Posted by: Kirk Date: 09/13/2019

One more time

New lawsuit, in Statham Georgia. Here we go again another black eye for
Barrow County.

They're having an election down there and it's been said that they need new

They don't need new blood they need a big broom that place is a mess time
to clean it up you're looking bad and when you look bad you make us all
look bad and that's not acceptable.

Posted by: Jerry Date: 09/13/2019


Does it matter who puts pornography on the workplace computer? City
officials or just a Clerk? Most workplaces fire, terminate,get rid of, put
on the street people that violate pornography in the workplace policies.
But with this being Statham maybe the rules don't apply to that tight
little group. This is a mess that should have never happened.

Rules to live by if you don't want it on social media then don't take a
picture of it on your phone and send it anybody.

Posted by: Merry Jerry Date: 09/13/2019

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